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Jaybird is a Utah-based consumer electronics company that is owned by Logitech. The company designs and manufactures headphones and wearable activity trackers. The company is mainly known for its line of wireless Bluetooth sports headsets. Jaybird was founded in 2006 by Australian entrepreneur Judd Armstrong.


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Territory Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Abusive place to work. They will sneak up on you at work and take pictures of you and send them to other employees in order to mock you. Hostile conference calls with management are a daily occurrence. YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT....None.Hostile middle/upper management, unattainable sales goals, constant threat of management secretly recording your work day."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"I walked out in the first 3 hours of my “first day” the manager that was training me and my friend/co-worker was so nasty to me and his associate. She only had one day left and she as so disrespectful to the other associate and I. Our experience was so bad we walked out because it was disrespectful. We were told we don’t work for Walmart but you basically work for Walmart. Everything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked diligently with premium for over seven years. You use your personal vehicle daily traveling up to 45 miles one way just to one location and you have about 5 or 6 to visit daily there’s little to know growth in the company because they pick managers withinFlexible work scheduleDrive personal vehicle pay sucks"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do NOT work here because you’ll get treated like you aren’t important and your manager will NOT train you correctly! AND they write you up for not doing things their way even though THEY DON’T TRAIN YOU!"

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"DO NOT WORK HERE. Constantly lied to and changed everything. No support or help. You had to figure everything out by yourself. I REPEAT DO NOT WORK HERE"

Cellular Sales (Current Employee) says

"Don't work for them, they lie, they lie about everything. They lied about my commission, they lied to me about the only reason I joined this lame 3rd rate company."

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"DM is very hostile, puts you down, and there is no support from high management. When you reach out to HR or higher management nothing gets done. You end up being targeted. Constantly treating job. DM is always changing her mind on expectations. No training. As a manager you work 7 days a week 20 hours a day. When you are on vacation you still have to be on meetings, answer emails. No work life balance.No prosManagement, work life balance"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I give this job such a low rating because instead of encouraging you to make sales! It’s more of a demand to sell more! They tell you to sell more phones then cut your hours down to just one day of work. Did not enjoy that job."

Retail Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"You can't get a hold of your manager. when they do decide to finally call you back, its too late!! You will be blamed for things that are totally out of your control & be told "communication is key" They need to practice what they preach..they don't care at all about any situation that arises in your life OR THAT YOU ARE A HARD WORKING EMPLOYEE..Overall TERRIBLE COMPANY TO WORK FOR!"

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company that’s built on “yes men” attitude, does not encourage ideas or allows you to have a voice, “stay in your lane” mentality from management, suck up or get out and be prepared to be backstabbed by your colleaguesNoneEverything"

Territory Manager (Former Employee) says

"Save your time and dont apply for this position, you won't get trained properly you will get discriminated and sexually abused and HR wont do anything about it. They will find a way to make it seem like your the problem and fire youNoneEverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Don't ever work for this company. They don't know their own product. Management has no experience in the field, they pretty much guess at everything and will set you up for failure."

Premium retail associate (Current Employee) says

"Manager gave me fly by night training for two days. Lied often, was disrespectful and manipulative. She found joy on using her psychological knowledge to try to upset u and make you quit. Constantly put on blast if you didn’t have a good sale week. Secret meetings with other staff."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Tough manager. No negotiation with him. Very demanding. Tough cookies. Always forcing us taking g pictures. Not a lot of stores are pro selling the chromebooks. Most of the associates at the stores hated CBS."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job is all about numbers if you dont get high sale numbers then they treat you like your useless to the company. Managers like to hire girls they could flirt with and its alot of favoritism. They dont properly train you they just throw you out in the field to work blind sided. You must learn everything on your on, once you ask for help there looking at you like your crazy. Watch out and be careful... .."

Sales Representative/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"To sum things up. Manageme6is HORRIBLE! I used to love being in sales and this job made it miserable. And it's not because you're in Walmart. The management wants you to "lie" but in their words it's " don't answer if they don't ask" manager isn't even supportive and hires kids who don't know anything about phones at all. Don't even waste your time"

Retail Sales (Current Employee) says

"Premium is great for mommys that forsure but they do not supply enough ways to reach out to hire people in the company by get ur managers number that's it when u need numbers of the main people in that company"

Wireless Sales Professional (Former Employee) says

"The company acts like they care about you when you are top sales person, but when situations come up and you need a manager that has your back, you can forget it. I am still waiting for management to pay me money that I earned and it's 6 weeks later. Disappointed completely and I couldnt be happier being gone!"

Level 2 Field Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"I would not work here unless you're desperate for money. The main reason the pay is high is because as soon as a contract is completed, you will drop to zero hours without a moment's notice."

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"They sell you the world, you train people and they promise bonuses; they never come. They get paid ~ 2.5 x more than what they actually pay us poor saps to actually complete the work."

Lori M. says

"Horrible customer service!

I bought a set of earbuds late one evening. After I received my "thank you for your purchase email" I realized it was shipping from the US, and I live in Canada. Trying to immediately cancel the order (duty can be expensive!), I tried the "contact us" link in the email. It takes you to a 404-not found page, so in my own research, I found buried on the jaybird site where they said that duty isn't included in the price.

There's no option to cancel online, and no-one was around to take my call, so I logged a case with the chatbot within minutes of purchase. Someone would "call me back".

The next day, still no word, so I called. They're only open during normal business hours. I left a voicemail and I logged another case with their chatbot online.

Following day, still no word, so I DM'd their Twitter, which usually helps - nothing.

Then, I receive a shipment confirmation and they charged my card. Now it's Thanksgiving weekend, and they only work regular business hours so I'm out $200 for something I don't want.

The following week, I finally get through to someone and am told that online orders can't be cancelled unless you call them within minutes of the order. Big request given that their website takes orders 24/7, but customer service isn't staffed 24/7. As well, the customer service team was given an extended holiday for Thanksgiving so even if I'd ordered during business hours, it wouldn't have helped.

However, their fulfillment team wasn't given extended holidays so my shipment was sent while customer service was utterly unavailable.

My only recourse was to refuse shipment and have it returned to sender. Jaybird would then wait for the earbuds to come back to them and refund me. Usually, they "refund" within 5 business days, but it could take up to three weeks. I'm closing on the three week mark, and still nothing. They've not even acknowledged receipt.

I've also left reviews on Jaybird's site. They've not shown up.

UPDATE - Finally received notice of my refund. Super interesting that 99% of the reviews on the Jaybird site are 5 star. Mine still hasn't shown up from mid-December. I wonder why?


Eric Small says

"There is no such thing as a warranty or customer service with the jay bird company. I had 3 pairs of the x3 the first pair worked well and survived 2 years of hard use, so I bought a 2nd pair and ended up getting a 3rd pair as gift around that same time. The 2nd pair last about 3 months before the speaker separated from the housing. When I contacted customer service, they said they needed a serial number and picture of the defected product for the warranty, so I emailed the picture along with what I thought to be the number on the box. I then received an email stating that was not the correct serial #, so I called C/S back and gave them every number on the box and earphone band. When that did not work C/S told me to use the app which I did not have. Since the 2nd pair did not work at the time, I could not pair them to get the supposed serial number. Finally, I quit and started using the 3rd pair hoping they would last as long as the first ones did. They did not. (6 months) When right earphone gave out, so back to customer service and the same crap of needing a number that was impossible to find and the same crap as the first time. Could not understand Customer service agent due to accent and had to repeat myself several times all while looking for what seemed to be a fictious serial number. For ear buds that cost around $140 at the time one would expect better support and replacement warranty especially for the price. I have had better service/replacement policy and product construction from a 30 pair. Sad I will never recommend jaybirds to anyone that wants a quality product for their money and does not like feel as though there a conman trying to scam the company for something, they paid good money for. Awful Experience."

Sarah Bear says

"Their customer service is appealing. My headphones do not work and they won’t even turn on. The serial number is impossible to find in order for someone to help you and the numbers that are there are apparently not correct. They also said that without a receipt they are unable to do anything. I’ll be sure to tel the person who got them for me to provide the receipt next time. Spend your money elsewhere."

Maria Proctor says

"Got a pair not even 3 months ago. Last week ran into trouble turning them on and connecting to Bluetooth. Went through trouble-shooting only to have them drop out repeatedly and not turn on. Hoping to get a refund to buy something cheaper which actually works! Very disappointing as I like the fit but no good if they don't work."

Matt says

"Unfortunately lost a Jaybird Vista earbud. My next step is to purchase a replacement. No worries

On their site, the replacement bud states “Coming Soon” and that’s been the case for over a year! A year! In Australia, at least

I’ve tried numerous e-mails, insta DMs, community support and phone calls but it’s a ghost town over at Jaybird! They do NOT care about you once you’ve emptied your pockets buying their product, sad.

I’ve never been one to review but for Jaybird, I couldn’t help but to help others by informing them not to buy their trash, go else where."

easports says

"Paid by apple pay and it automatically filled my address as U.K. even though I am in Ireland and unable to receive the package. No possibility to edit shipping details post order or any order details. Incredible!
Used their contact form and got a reply a day later saying he could help.
In the meantime however, got on to another support person via facebook who replied and changed shipping address.
Got a shipping email confirmation with the right address in Ireland but the UPS link has it going to the U.K.
Can't change via UPS as its Jaybirds account, numerous messages again sent via facebook and their support form and nothing.
Absolutely disgraceful!"

Gabriela Conde Borres says

"Paid $125-$150 for a prod with Poor Customer Service. A brand selling at premium prices should match the price with efficient CS and warranty. Top brands rely on Quality, Customer experience and marketing by actual customers sharing great experiences with potential customers... Jaybird has a great logo, that's the only great thing about the brand. I'm now happy with my $20USD bluetooh earbuds (branded after a running shoes brand) with same cheap warranty but at 1/7 of jaybrd's price... at the end the quality of sound is the at same level, noise control is the same and the comfort is better on my new earbuds."

t says

"Crappy products, Don't buy.
Terrible support, can't get warranty replacement. Vista$200 earbud dead in 3 months. Save your money, don't believe the reviews. Get earbuds from a vendor with reliable support. Buy on your credit card and return before the Guarantee period expires."

Jay says

"Deciding to spend a lot more on earphones than my normal $15, spent ages looking for the best rated in ear buds. These came out top, but they were a terrible purchase!

The proprietary charger went missing, as I feared, and could only be replaced with a purchase of an overpriced accessory pack, that could only be shipped in the US. I had to wait months (in the end) to get them to Taiwan. Even bought 2 chargers (optimistically).

Then the right earphone's wiring started failing, sent them to the local supplier to see how much to repair, as they were now out of warranty, costs more than half the purchase price to fix! 0 stars, 0 recommendations"

Marcel Buechi says

"Terrible experience with the non-existent customer support. Not recommended at all."

Eszter says

"Run XT is the most expensive and worst pair of earbuds I have owned. The connection is awful. It just cannot hold a solid connection. Often times when I change between songs the connection just stops. There's no sound in the earbuds. I have to put them back in the case and take them out again. Often times the left earbud won't start up when I open the case. For such a poor quality they sure ask a high price. I am very disappointed."

Daniel Graff says

"I bought them 6 months ago. The current battery life is a joke. Can't even complete a normal morning run. Never ever go Jaybird RUN XT. What a shame. Should take this s**** (can't call them earbuds really) of the market until they have a proper product.
Never again."

Dogancan Baris says

"It has been 13 months since I bought the headphones. After 5 months, the battery life was much shorter although I was super careful with charging them. I had bought a pair from another brand which is 4 times cheaper than Tarah. The only reason I bought Tarah was its quality and durability. I can easily say it failed both.

After 13 months, they were in such a bad shape, I contacted the support and was told that there was only 12 months of warranty for all of their models. I paid around $150 for the headphones and the company only covers for a year. This is ridiculous.

The support said that although the warranty expired, they would be willing to replace them. I told them that I am not interested, I want an upgrade and willing to pay for the price difference but they rejected.

Quiet honestly, my friend has and x4 and he is very unhappy too. His pair had broken after 3 months and he had gotten another pair. He is not happy with his model.

There are so many other headphones for $40 that have better sound quality and durability. I am a dj and I know about sound quality. I would only buy this headphones if the price was $25.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did and look into other options to find something much better for much cheaper."

Frank says

"I had Jaybird x3 once replaced in few mons as it stopped working. now they replaced it with X4 which si the worst, it keeps disconnecting after 3 minutes - it sort of dies and it is unresponsive for a while. Don't waste your money on this product. Suport is fantastic, but the product is horrible."

Martin Holm says

"This is my fourth Jaybird X series. Luckily I only paid for one, as the three others malfunctioned within two years which is the warranty in Denmark. I suppose they were not aware of that time line.
The fourth are the worst though, the X4, continuously disconnecting from my devices. Product development reinvented as product deterioration."

George, London SW10 says

"Terrible, terrible customer service. I can’t be bothered to write down the long, drawn out saga of my dealings with them but suffice to say I will never deal with them again and would recommend you don’t either"

Hans Dieter says

"I loose the ear tips of the headphones so often because they dont fit well to the headphones. If you ask the cusstomer support if they can send more then one pair, they tell you that Replacement ear tips have to be bought with a whole set of things you dont need for 10€, but you only get on pair of the size you need."

Udo Hansen says

"Second pair now dead after training, allthough they are suppost to be waterproof...! X4 model"

Rob Mills says

"Problem 01 - lost a Vista bud - only really need one, but wait... cannot connect to bluetooth without 2 buds in the case at the same time.
Problem 02 - It took 8 emails and multiple DMs to get Jaybird to confirm that 1 bud cannot be connected by itself. A complete waste of 3 weeks of my time without the use of my earphones.
Problem 03 - the UK store has not stocked the single bud replacements for over 2 months and counting. The customer service people keep saying 'it will be soon'.... for the past 2 months.
Problem 04 - I write an honest review on their website, it appeared for all of 5 minutes before it got taken down. It wasn't slanderous, it was honest with the points above. This is completely unacceptable.

Good product when it works, but poor product foresight regarding the connection with a single bud, terrible customer service and selectively removing honest reviews is unforgivable as potential buyers should be able to see constructive feedback before they spend their money and a premium product such as this."

Judith Ulstein Kvangarsnes says

"I was so excited about these buds, and were looking forward to using them. But i had difficulty placing them without the buds easily falling or moving in my ear. My long hair kept getting stuck in the wire, and they just didnt stick as i hoped. I bought extra buds as the store recommended. It helped, a little bit, not a lot. After two years the left bud stopped working in the middle of a walk. No apparent reason. Supportsite was not working. Soft and hard reset did not help. After several tries to contact support, i finally got through on twitter. But downloading new software did not help either. They said it was a producterror. The warranty was only 1 year! So i could not get a new pair. Been using one bud since then. Yesterday the other one stopped working. Resets have no effect. Not buying Jaybird again. I see that the issues are common, but support and warranty low."

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